Rob Hefferan's varied body of work celebrates the joyous and multifaceted forms that human beings express with limitless imagination and wit. Rob captures the personality of each of his subjects with honesty, integrity and above all, a sacred appreciation for the unique spirit embodied within us all. His heartfelt response to humanity is woven into the very fabric of each outstanding portrait, earning him the reputation of one of the finest contemporary realists of his generation. .

Whether working with chalk pastels, oils or acrylics, Rob’s ability and innate flair see him capture life as it is lived. His sensitive capacity to see beyond our masks and reveal the touching truth of who we really are is a testament to his deep insight. This ability animates and imbues every brushstroke with palpable verve and originality that reach out from the canvas to embrace our senses in a delightful interplay that is the hallmark of the truly talented artist.

Rob's newest collection 'Stay Wild' is available from Attitude Gallery.

"As an artist I have never wanted to stay “stuck on repeat”, to keep things interesting to me as a creative artist and hopefully to you as a collector. 'Stay Wild’ is mainly inspired by my love of ‘Pop Culture’ in all its Day-Glo brashness and chaos, the work of Andy Warhol, music, films and the wicked side of life!"

We're delighted to also offer Rob Hefferan's collections at Serenity Designs with Attitude in Knutsford.

Rob Hefferan Artist Fine Art Stay Wild Collection Cheshire

NEW - Stay Wild Collection

NEW - Lipstick Lollypop

Boutique edition of just 25 / Hand Embellished by Rob Hefferan
Canvas size 30" x 20" - Framed / £645

NEW - Funny Games

Boutique edition of just 25 / Hand Embellished by Rob Hefferan
Canvas size 30" x 20" - Framed / £645


NEW - Venus in Furs

Boutique edition of just 25 / Hand Embellished by Rob Hefferan
Canvas size 30" x 20" - Framed / £645




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