The legend that is Mason Storm is bit of an enigma in the art world.

Predominantly self-taught, he has an incredible eye for detail and composition creating some of the most provocative and in many ways sensitive, works of art available on the market today.

Internationally exhibited and profiled by the likes of Saatchi who described him in their magazine as "one of the most talented and elusive artists in the UK today."

"I never had what you would call formal art training but from a young lad went to an art centre in a Youth Club in East London. The centre was a fabulous place where for a few pennies a week you could do Judo, Weight Training, Boxing, Art, Badminton, and needlecraft and a whole host of other activities. One night my Judo class was cancelled and I went into the art class to wait for my friend who was a regular there, after that night I never stopped going right up to my mid twenties. There was never any actual lesson. You would just turn up on the night and decide if you fancied doing painting or photography or pottery and just got on with it. If you needed help you just asked and there was always someone there to lend a hand. The man who ran it, Alan Clayden was a fabulous teacher and an inspiration, as were all of the other tutors most of whom were students from the Royal Academy, Royal College and Central St. Martins who were supplementing their grants by working at the centre, it also gave them the time to do their own work. There is no better way to learn your craft then to be around people with superior talent."

Masons work has been considered controversial and provocative, however he never try’s to be controversial in his subject matter just for the sake of it, there is always an underlying reason for the work he produces.

Mason is probably best known for his mask. It has become a trademark, hiding his identity whilst creating a mystique which helps with promotion and publicity. He began wearing it when in 2010 he said he was going to reveal the face of the artist Banksy in an oil painting. The whole campaign was nothing more than a big marketing ploy and it worked. The supposed unveiling of Banksy courted a lot of negative publicity and the occasional death threat. Nothing he hasn’t encountered many times in his previous life but he knew the fact that he was remaining anonymous would annoy Banksy’s followers even more. Secondly, in his previous careers he has met and dealt with some extremely dangerous men. There is no risk to his security but he would rather the two worlds never meet. Also he occasionally does freelance work and its better for him if he remain in the shadows so to speak. So the mask, apart from its marketing potential allows him to hide in plain sight.

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New - The Girl with the Converse Trainers by Mason Storm

New - Limited Edition Fine Art Print from Mason Storm's Original creation
Boutique Edition of just 20
£450 Framed


Mason signing his masterly new print release of  'The Girl with the Pink Converse'

  The Taking of Chris - Limited Edition paper edition by Mason Storm
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Oil on Canvas composition by Mason Storm
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