A contemporary and controversial voice to cut through the noise, Gary John Jones’ images amalgamate the media obsessed, over saturated, saccharine facade of popular culture with a murkier social commentary. 

Breaking down barriers, and finding commonalities between different periods, countries or people results in a paradoxical, often anachronistic, window through which to examine our own sense of responsibility, and even culpability, in a rapidly shifting modern landscape.   Never one to shy away from the difficult questions, the self-proclaimed Photoshop genius uses a meticulous eye for detail to present touchstone pieces that consider the implications of a generation who view kitten videos and counter-terrorism in the same news feed..

Liverpool born-and-bred, Jones’ signature style typifies both the strength and humour of his home city by gently jibing the quixotic nature of classical art and the modern media creating, what Erin Kirkpatrick of Trendhunters called, “inventive and clever masterpieces.”

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The Price We Pay
Framed / £399


Batman vs. Napoleon
Collectible AP £599

The Kiss
Framed - £399


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